Viva Magenta

Introducing our new series – Beautiful Hues. Beginning with Viva Magenta, declared Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2023 for its unapologetically bold charm. 

Our Viva Magenta Collection has been specially selected to embody this rich and characterful colourway, using 100% Pure New Wool, Merino Wool and Mohair wool. Lovingly designed and prepared in our Yorkshire-based woollen mill – Abraham Moon & Sons.

The Viva Magenta Collection by RoseMill. The Viva Magenta Collection by RoseMill.
'Winter' by RoseMill'Winter' by RoseMill

Discover this powerful yet playful pop of colour within our range, eager to uplift your boundaries of individuality and self-expression.

Viva Magenta is a delightfully versatile shade - perfectly suited in both fashion and interior stylings as a fierce, full-bodied statement piece or a more reserved compliment to your home style. 

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