How to care for your woven accessories

December 16, 2022 4 min read
How to care for your woven accessories

Unlike other fabric materials, wool does not require as much care to keep it in good shape – this is due to the impressive properties of wool fibres. Nevertheless, it's still important to keep your woollen accessories in excellent condition to make sure they last as long as they can. We delve into some tips to achieve this below.

Wool fibres have a naturally occurring, thin 'waxy' coating - which allows wool to repel liquid naturally, to a degree. Instead of being immediately absorbed, liquid and dirt particles will sit on top of the wool fibres, meaning they can be easily wiped away in most cases.

Provided action is taken immediately. This 'waxy' coating also discourages the growth of bacteria, as the lack of water makes it hard for them to survive within the fibres.  

Without bacteria, odours can not build up - meaning your RoseMill products will maintain a fresh smell for much longer than synthetic alternatives. 

Keeping your RoseMill woven accessories in excellent condition

Although care for your RoseMill products should be very minimal, we do have some tips on how to keep them in the best shape possible: 

Spot treating

If your woven item has been stained in a small, localised area, try to treat the area using a damp, lint-free cloth with a very mild soap that is suitable for use on wool. 
By working the soap into the area, and then removing it by using only a damp, lint-free cloth, you should be able to tackle most stains. 



Over time, some odours can begin presenting themselves within your woven products.  

However, this does not always mean it is time to wash your item.  

On top of its many other properties, wool is also naturally highly breathable. By simply airing out the fabric - either by laying it out flat on a towel or bed for at least an hour or hanging it in the fresh air on a suitable hanger, you may find that these odours are naturally dispersed from the wool. 



By using a specialised fabric brush on your woven item, you can maintain that "like new" look. 

Any surface dirt and pilling (which may occur due to excessive friction) can be easily removed simply by brushing them out.  

Keeping your woven accessories in tip-top shape is a simple process. There are just a few key things that you need to do to keep your woollens looking fresh. 


Pictured, Lindsey Tartan Scarf. 

Removing Creases

If your woven products develop any creases, a hand-held fabric steamer can help lift them out easily. Once the wrinkles are out, lay your item flat to allow any residual water to dry before continuing use. 
Should your item require ironing, use a cool setting only, with a maximum temperature of 110 degrees Celsius. 



There may come a time when none of the previous tips work; although we hope this will not be the case, it is best to be prepared for all possibilities. 
For your RoseMill woven products, we advise that fabrics are handed to a trusted dry cleaning service.  
The labelling on your product will provide the professionals with all the information they may require on how best to treat the fabric. You should also notify them if any stubborn stains are present, so they can appropriately react. 
You should not wash your RoseMill products in the washing machine, as the heat could cause shrinking, and the spinning can result in a loss of shape. 


Some Additional Tips

This is an important one. Our woven products are NOT suitable for bleaching. 

Avoid placing your woven products onto direct heat, such as radiators – this can cause unwanted creasing, distortion of colour and even fabric damage in the area that is within contact. 

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